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Are you worn out from searching and searching for the right job, all to no avail?

Is your company sweating away its time and money in the search for the perfect employee?

Despite how you may be feeling, you aren’t the only person who might be having these problems. Problems immerse your mind in confusion, and in an increasingly technological world, your mind is reeling.

Relax. Take a deep breath. Kick off your shoes, and send your worries off to a far away world. has been started recently by Jaina Engineering Services, LLC to resolve any problem you might be facing. While the advent of the internet has contributed to remarkable feats, it has also led to an industry that is getting more and more competitive each passing day. We here at JobParlor truly understand that, and it is our goal to make you as stress-free as possible, just like any other parlor/spa you may have been to. Our cross-functional team of professional consists of highly educated and experienced people from leading industries and institutes. We are highly focused and dedicated to provide a solution to your request in a timely manner, all in a custom and personal way.

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Not reaching your potential in your current job? Have you been looking for your dream job? We can help your endeavors by providing you access to our extensive network. We promote individual resumes to prospective employers at ABSOLUTELY NO COST to you (pretty relaxing, right?). Furthermore, your current employer doesn’t have to be able to see your resume .......Details

Whether you are a small business or a large industry (no recruiters please), you can advertise your job opening here on our website at ABSOLUTELY NO COST (pretty nice, huh?). In addition, your contact details will not be provided in the ad, thus relieving you of any hassles from phone calls and e-mails from jobseekers and recruiters.....Details

Independent Consultants/Retirees Partner with Jaina Logo Recruiters

Jaina Engineering Services, LLC, the owner of, is always on the lookout for highly skilled independent consultants or retirees in any field to work part-time, full-time or on project basis to support our excellent line of services to our clients. You can submit your resume here on this site or you can write to us directly at

If you are involved in recruiting/staffing, this site is unavailable for you. However, we always like to expand our network to serve our clients better and would definitely like to work with you. Please contact us directly at

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 Postdate   Job Title   Job Category   Job Location 
04/11/2011 Substation Project Manager Engineering Montana - USA
04/11/2011 Engneering Sales Manager (turbomachinery) Engineering Vermont - USA
04/11/2011 Transmission Project Manager Engineering Montana - USA

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